how microsoft banned third party language compilers.

We are very keen on supporting WinRT with native Delphi & C++ code. Right now, the issues surrounding the WinRT space center around the fact that many OS-supplied APIs which are required by anyone implementing their own language RTL are actually off-limits unless you’re the VC++ RTL DLL. You know, little things like RtlUnwind for exception processing and VirtualAlloc (et. al.) for memory management… Any calls to those APIs from your application will automatically disqualify your application from being an “official” WinRT application capable of delivering through the MS app store.


when I read something like this, or even “how to pay to apple, get keys, and become an officially approved developer”, I have a strong desire to never participate windows/macos/ios development and I feel the freedom I have on GNU+Linux/BSDs, etecetra.

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