The #libc is certainly not a good guide:

  • Buffer overruns are not ruled out by design: gets, sscanf etc.
  • Interface inconsistencies: gets vs fgets, fgets vs fscanf (note the position of the file stream parameter)
  • Bad interfaces like that of getchar() whose return code can be a character or an error code
  • Particularly bad buffering system which – ignores the block structure of underlying file systems, and – does not support bidirectional buffering
  • No provisions exist such that independent libraries can cooperate with each other in – signal handling, – setting up alarms, and – tracking childs.

(Please note that I do not want to bash Ritchie, Kernighan etc. The libc is #history and should be taken as such… It is time to abandon #C and the libc and it does not help to place other systems on top of this historic relic.) #programming-languages

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