unlike digital sensors that use Bayer interpolation, a scanner captures the RGB data for every pixel. single pass, three pass, whatever. you get the full monty. it doesn’t make much sense to degrade the data so it can be interpolated from a RAW file. instead the user can save the data as either a (8/16bit) JPEG, or (8/16bit) TIFF file. Vuescan let’s you save the scan data into a special kind of extendable TIFF called a DNG. the DNG wrapper lets the scan program separate the tonal data from the color data. using LR or PS one can then apply their own secret sauce. :)


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բնօրինակ սփիւռքում(եւ մեկնաբանութիւննե՞ր)

So, why, you ask, does FujiFilm use such strong chroma NR if it causes this ugly rendering? If you’ve been paying attention you might have already guessed. The answer is simple: To suppress moiré! Ah ha, you say, but, according to FujiFilm’s marketing department (there’s that smell again), X-Trans is immune to moiré! Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s no more immune to moiré than Bayer and, in fact, probably a little less. It all comes down to the signal processing, and in this case, that processing is not without its side-effects.


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բնօրինակ սփիւռքում(եւ մեկնաբանութիւննե՞ր)