spent several months programming in #Java. Contrary to its authors prediction, it did not grow on me. I did not find any new insights – for the first time in my life #programming in a new #language did not bring me new insights. It keeps all the stuff that I never use in C++ – inheritance, virtuals – OO gook – and removes the stuff that I find useful. It might be successful – after all, MS DOS was – and it might be a profitable thing for all your readers to learn Java, but it has no intellectual value whatsoever. Look at their implementation of hash tables. Look at the sorting routines that come with their “cool” sorting applet. Try to use #AWT. The best way to judge a language is to look at the #code written by its proponents. “Radix enim omnium malorum est cupiditas” – and Java is clearly an example of a #money oriented #programming (#MOP). As the chief proponent of Java at #SGI told me: “Alex, you have to go where the money is.” But I do not particularly want to go where the money is – it usually does not smell nice there.

#Stepanov #STL

http://www.stlport.org/resources/StepanovUSA.html http://norayr.arnet.am/weblog/2010/02/27/պատմություն-սրճի-հոտի-մասին/

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