(06:30:16 ) ***jedb considers starting a list of technologies that have been unfairly maligned through propaganda
(06:30:28 ) jedb: no, wait, that's not the way to put it
(06:30:48 ) ***jedb considers starting a list of technologies where the general population's view is completely wrong due to propaganda
(06:32:17 ) specing: like wind turbines?
(06:32:26 ) jedb: hadn't considered those yet
(06:32:49 ) specing: or electromagnetic radiation?
(06:33:12 ) specing: or vapes?
(06:33:14 ) jedb: the list so far in no particular order includes Ada, monorails, nuclear power, and bicycle helmets
(06:33:34 ) specing: Hmm, what is the view about helmets?
(06:34:21 ) jedb: the general population, at least in a lot of the English speaking world, thinks they're an important/essential safety measure when cycling, when in actual reality they're generally pointless and mandatory helmet laws are demonstrably counterproductive
(06:34:57 ) jedb: bicycle helmets was why I had to be careful with how I titled the list, as they're a bad tech that the public thinks is good
(06:36:02 ) ***specing has had too many close encounters with pavement to declare helmets generally pointless
(06:36:13 ) specing: I agrre about the laws, though
(06:36:27 ) jedb: did you study physics in high school or equivalent?
(06:36:32 ) specing: yes
(06:37:02 ) jedb: then you should know that whether you're standing still or going along at 30km/h, if you fall and hit your head on the ground the hit is going to be the same amount of force
(06:37:09 ) jedb: plus or minus some road rash
(06:37:28 ) specing: not if you have a helmet that can crumple
(06:37:40 ) specing: the make those as well, and they are hideously expensive
(06:38:17 ) jedb: still the same amount of force applied in the accident though, which directly implies that the risk of injury for pedestrians and for general cycling should be similar, which they are
(06:38:32 ) jedb: the horizontal speed only matters if you hit a wall or a tree or something
(06:39:13 ) jedb: bicycle helmets don't really crumple either; they're generally pretty bad at protecting against concussion
(06:39:30 ) specing: search for MIPS helmets, they have energy absorbant foam
(06:39:41 ) specing: I think MIPS is what the foam is called
(06:40:10 ) jedb: I was thinking of the hovding, aka a head mounted airbag that some swedes invented
(06:40:15 ) jedb: *that* would protect against concussion
(06:40:52 ) specing: I wouldn't want to cycle without a helmet though, even the road rash protection is worth it
(06:41:07 ) ***jedb shrugs
(06:41:26 ) specing: two years ago my glasses also intercepted a 5mm stone, which lodget itself between the frame and lens
(06:41:28 ) jedb: if that's what you want to protect yourself from then sure, that's mainly what bicycle helmets are good at doing
(06:42:02 ) specing: I was thinking of buying myself a downhill helmet (chin/teeth protection) for city cycling
(06:42:09 ) specing: with a nice gas mask underneath
(06:42:31 ) jedb: you're gonna cook your head, I think
(06:42:42 ) specing: I have an electric bicycle
(06:43:02 ) jedb: oh, nevermind then
(06:43:22 ) specing: its broken though :(
(06:43:40 ) specing: I managed to fry its motor going uphill, haha
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(07:21:18 ) Lucretia: jedb: the issue with bike helmets is because there were a lot of injuries here (uk) involving brain damage and that's why they have to be worn here.,
(07:21:42 ) ***Lucretia crashed a few times, never hit his head but damagaed a bike tho
(07:22:12 ) jedb: Lucretia: I actually looked up UK stats a little while back, apparently there was no noticeable change in injury levels despite helmet use rising from 0% to 40%
(07:22:39 ) Lucretia: probably not tbh#
(07:22:50 ) Lucretia: because if we crash, we don;t fuckign die
(07:23:10 ) Lucretia: imean i collided witha  girl, both bikes came out worse
(07:23:30 ) Lucretia: herse was from the side,. but mine was head on
(07:23:43 ) Lucretia: it's just a thing that happens
(07:23:59 ) specing: we mostly die from collisions with cars
(07:24:02 ) specing: ban cars
(07:24:21 ) Lucretia: cars are cool, so fuck that shit
(07:24:39 ) ***Lucretia imagines specingin an air balloon
(07:24:46 ) oxford [~chatting@gateway/tor-sasl/cantstanya] entered the room.
(07:25:15 ) Lucretia: with  his ilver foil hat
(07:25:35 ) Lucretia: there's way too many bacofoil people here :D
(07:29:16 ) jedb: Lucretia: ever seen the stats on what happened when mandatory helmet law was introduced in Aust and NZ?
(07:30:12 ) Lucretia: mandatory helmet law sounds rather pervy :D
(07:30:26 ) Lucretia: so no :D
(07:30:51 ) jedb: http://cycle-helmets.com/imgs/nz-injuries-participation-per-cyclist.gif
(07:33:48 ) Lucretia: you may as well tell me, i;'m not reading that
(07:33:58 ) Lucretia: can't be fucked tbh
(07:34:02 ) jedb: that should be just a simple graph...?
(07:34:16 ) Lucretia: hanfg on
(07:34:48 ) Lucretia: tyhoght that said pdf
(07:34:53 ) jedb: but anyway, when the law came in the number of cyclists more or less halved, while the injury rate more or less doubled, in a very conclusive looking fashion

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