may i rant a little about sailfish 3.0 ?

omg, why this android like top menu? is it the urge to not, accidentally stand out? i really don’t understand.

my gesture to close programs was to swipe top down. and people were amazed by that. now to close the program we need to minimize it first, then close. aaah, dull? in order to close minimized app one needs to press on it, then leave and press the ‘x’ button. so three steps to just close the app.

why? sailfish was supposed to be convenient, geeky, other.

i also dislike recent gallery changes, where we lost going back by left gesture, and need now to use an icon ‘x’ to close the photo and get a gallery view.

ok and if you wanted to know, i guess my favourite sailfish is sailfish 1.

p. s. i think i appear in my english stream moarmore.

#jolla #sailfish

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