when you read about the magical ring or the marodeurs map, you wonder, why those are the rare exemplars, why they could not be recreated. i thought that if the humanity once had the technology, and went further, it means it can create better devices, and certainly can recreate the past ones.

now i understand, that there are a lot of pieces of disappearing technology in our world.

apparently, it took ~10 years for impossible project to achieve comparable quality with the polaroid integral film. and still, they cannot fit 10 papers in to the cartridge, they fit only 8.

apparently, no one is able to produce peel apart film comparable in quality with fuji fp-100c film.

and even if the company would document and publish, as patent free, open source, the whole process, still, there are things you need to learn from others. lets say if there’s a team working on some project, it cannot document everything, but new members of the team get the knowledge which is not documented. or they need to stare at the source code for weeks to guess what those 3 lines are for.

so now i understand, that i have a piece of disappearing technology in my freezer. it’s fp-100c, and i understand, that i have cameras, that will be very hard to produce again. that is one more reason to value old things. only starting to produce something comparable is not realistic, needs a lot of resources.

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