so there are these entertainment sites with that kind of ads for attraction like “which one question to ask, in order to know whole inner world of someone?”.

my friend shared facebook screenshots of such an ad, in russian. should be picture number zero here.

and the comment on the second screenshot suggests such a question: “whom crimea belongs to?”.

the background to understand how brilliant the joke is: what you may not know about russia, is that when the crimea annexation happened, there was a lot of euphoria and excitement about that, and the phrase which became a meme, and was often written without whitespace - крымнаш, which means “crimeaisours”.

when someone says “crimeaisours” you can make a lot of assumptions about them. as i am against militarism and aggression, and for me aggression is evil, you can imagine that i do not share that excitement. and when someone labels that as “annexation”, then you know whom do you talk with. i found one of my best friends by that phrase, i’ve just heard around “was it before or after crimea annexation?”. so she became one of my best friends, and later she was pressured by the government and police. btw she is ethnic russian.

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