since pretty long ago i don’t feel comfortable telling others about my sad life, about how unfair somebody treated me, etc.

because whenever someone tells me, how unfair they have been treated, or even left/dumped by someone, what I think is, well, may be it’s not them who haven’t been good friend to you, or haven’t been loyal, may be you are the one, who haven’t been a good friend at the first place, and that’s why it happened?

this does not mean, that i have always been treated as i deserve. it does not mean that people have to stay in relationships, if they believe they haven’t been treated as they deserve. this rather means, that may be the “negative feedback” is not always necessary. and that if i tell someone, that somebody haven’t been fair to me, then that listener has a right to raise a question, very understandable, though may be silent, if it isn’t me, who are responsible for that?

i also believe that indeed, i have “earned” most of the treatment, which i have got from others, and i am not happy about.

and today i am very thankful for all the obstacles, “misfortunes”, and the chains of pain i have got, because if it taught me something, may be it made me a better person. for instance, it taught me that if i feel hurt by something, it is not necessary to hurt back. and it is better to try hard to keep staying calm in any situation.

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