In the film ‘Eurotrip’, they come with British football hooligans to France, and their bus is going by the wrong side of the road, and this British guy is shouting at all the other car drivers: ‘froggers, you’re on the wrong side of the road, go learn driving’, and so on. (:

I have experienced something like that in Georgia. The reason apparently is, that Armenia probably the last country in the world, which still uses Soviet legacy rules for roundabouts - the priority gets the car which enters roundabout, while in the all other countries, including, I believe Russia today, the rules have been changed - priority is for those, who are inside the circle already, and I believe it makes more sense.

So, Armenians like to say that Georgians are not good drivers, they drive fast, crazy, and don’t obey rules that much. Well, it’s partly true, and yes, they drive fast, but they have the city, environment, which makes it possible, and also, they do it pretty well. As one American told me about me driving in Yerevan - he said - ‘you are amazing, you drive in such a traffic, with the roads of this quality, with no space between cars, with all of the people signaling (which is extremely rare in the west), and everybody tries to change the line, and in the night at the dark road you manage to notice these people who cross the street in black clothes!’. So, when I was driving it Tbilisi, I was also thinking - ‘these Georgians don’t care about the rules! They never let someone to go, when they have to’, and that was especially about roundabouts! Then they’ve marked roundabouts with signs on the road and I realized, that the rules are simply different. They don’t have to give me the road when I enter the circle! They don’t have to. (:

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