The Armenian government has allocated funding today for the completion of the construction of a strategically important road that would link Armenia and Artsakh. source

Well, that road exists, but it had no asphalt covering last time I’ve been there, and is full with pits, and not very much usable. Road from #Drmbon(western shore of #Sarsang reservoir) to Sotk takes 5 hours, though it’s very short. When I was going to drive by that road for the first time, some told me “don’t go there, you’ll break your car”. That was amazing night, yes, night! And we did it!
Imagine, the Ter-ter river flows at the left side of the road, you can hear it, but you do not see it, and at the right side there is a sheer rock, extremely high. And then there’s rusting remainings of the dead tank. And traces of caterpillars everywhere. That first time was hard but unforgettable experience.

In USSR they’ve used to put hatches not at side-walks, but in the middle of the streets. They were afraid that in case of war, ruined building might prevent to access the infrastructure. That is why these hatches are hated by careful drivers who tend to avoid these hatches while driving, bypass them. I was never really in to that, but since we’ve passed that Drmbon - Sotk road, I realized that bypassing hatches has no sense at all. At least for me. If we have passed that road, then who cares about street hatches? No, no. Just keep going by your line and ignore them.

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