before my German friend left, we went to the place called “12 tables” to eat spas, amazing Armenian soup made from matsoun. I love it so much that I eat it every day. (:

When we were leaving it was late, the place is already closed. It somehow happened that we got acquainted with the owner (she also works there together with one assistant). She started discussion by noticing Mommintroll on my backpack. It turned out she’s from Artsakh. She said her mother was grown up and educated in Baku, and she does not know Armenian well. She married her father and moved to Martuni. They left it during the war, in 1992. By helicopter which took them to Yerevan. She described how they reached the helicopter in the night. She said “the toilet was in the courtyard, and we could not go to the toilet, because azeris would shoot us.”.

Then they moved to Poland, because they had relatives there. She returned to Yerevan several years ago, she spoke only Polish and Artsakh dialect of Armenian. She learned literate Armenian, the alphabet, and the grammar. She opened one of the best places in Yerevan, cafe-flat, with very tasty dishes. She’s proud she eventually made it completely smoke free.

She does not know if she’ll live here in the future. Because it’s not easy, even if you have business. I hope she will. Her assistant turned out to be a girl from Artsakh who came to study in Yerevan.

Her parents come to Armenia from time to time, but they don’t stay in Yerevan, they go to see their home in Martuni. “In Poland they live in rural area too.They don’t like big cities, many cars and noise” - she explained.

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