This poor guy even could not finish the school, studied only three grades, because he was kinda retarded. Living near the border, he crossed the border with Azerbaijan, and got captured there.

This is the video how brave strong soldiers deal with him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqaJA_dIGYM

(Actually, may be he didn’t, and Azerbaijanianian military have captured him in Armenia, but our government tells us he crossed the border)

Then Azerbaijan military publishes photos of him dressed in military uniform.

And then he suddenly dies.

The cause of death reported is cardiac failure. Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense yesterday declared that Petrosyan is a member of a sabotage group, the four other members of which were killed; meanwhile, Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia spokesperson Artsrun Hovhannisyan informed Epress.am earlier that the Armenian Armed Forces have not suffered any losses and Karen Petrosyan is a civilian.

http://www.epress.am/2014/08/09/256701.html - in #armenian, no corresponding #english article
in english: http://www.epress.am/en/2014/08/08/armenian-villager-captured-yesterday-died-today-azerbaijan-defense-ministry.html

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