from the investigator’s speech at #hope.

I can telll you that law enforcement, and investigators, and marketers crawl every damn facebook page they can, every myspace page they can, every twitter feed they can, and by the way they don’t even have to crawl #twitter. Six years of twitter had just been given to the library of congress. It’s public record. I can go and file a request and get six years of tweets. God help me I don’t want it, I don’t care about people’s cats and where they had lunch, but that’s public record, everybody’s tweet. It’s all in one place. And by the way, one reason why I love you guys, really love you guys, is when I put it up in 2008, spoke about twitter, and talked what a danger twitter is, everybody twitted about it. It was the sickest thing ever. I mean this people are perverse, you really are.


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