erzahlung uber: interfacing freepascal code with Oberon (oo2c)

Let’s write a minimal module with one exported function in Oberon:

We even can compile it now with oo2c

$ oo2c m.Mod

and get directories obj and sym.

We may now compile obj/m.c

and get an object m.o

gcc -Iobj -I/local/oo2c/lib/oo2c/src -I/local/oo2c/lib/oo2c/obj -c obj/m.c

Now we need a pascal wrapper to bind it.

Let’s call it mbind.pas

We need to tell compiler explicitly which object files to link.

m.o is the object file we get by compiling obj/m.c

Other files are the minimal oo2c rtl which needs to be linked.

We also need to link to libc, because oo2c works by compiling via C.

Function name is m__add because oo2c translates m.add to C as m__add

Note, that implementation section is empty, and fpc does not issue an error because the function marked as external.

Eventually, let’s write a main module to call the Oberon function.

Neither fpc nor oo2c do not need a make file.

FreePascal compiler, as well as Oberon can itself resolve module dependencies.

For example, I do not need to write a makefile where I compile first mbind.pas and get mbind.o and link it during the next step.

However, in this case I’d like to write a make file.

I usually use custom fpc I compiled from subversion, and I prefer to keep my software in /local

LPATH is the path where oo2c main rtl objects are located, so fpc can find and link RT0.o, Exceptions.o, Object.o and HashCode.o.

So, first oo2c compiles the m module to c.

Then gcc compiles it to object file.

Then fpc compiles the main module.

And now enjoy:

und so weiter

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