it seems people usually understand “nothing” as dark, black. in the techno subculture, where “we don’t show off” — people choose no colour — black colour. in other words - blank, empty.

wait, but blank means white in a number of languages. first i know it from esperanto, where blanko is white. ‘blanc’ in french means white. ‘blanco’ in spanish. ‘bianco’ in italian.

so emptyness, depending on perception, can be black or white. or other colour?

indeed, if we think in rgb colourspace way, then nothing — 0, 0, 0 is black. however, in cmyk way, nothing is when you print nothing on a white paper. so nothing is actually white. so is the paper. in number of languages empty list of paper is blank.

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բնօրինակ սփիւռքում(եւ մեկնաբանութիւննե՞ր)

“Think about wind,” says Ching. “It can blow open doors, blow cool air off a body of water to the land surrounding it, or fire from one part of the forest to another. The door analogy relates to TCM’s understanding of how exposure to wind can weaken our body’s defenses.”(Perhaps as a permutation of these ideas, East Asia has numerous ancillary superstitions about air and wind, the most notable of which is a deathly fear of sleeping in rooms with running electric fans, a belief that has its epicenter in Korea, where “fan death” phobia remains rampant even today.)


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i have been written this comparison two months ago in armenian, when set up local mastodon instance. let me try to translate.

so diaspora vs mastodon.


— diaspora has markdown support — mastodon has not. — diaspora provides atom feeds — mastodon does not։ (the comment under armenian post says that mastodon version 2.3.1 actually provides atom feeds) — diaspora has mail like system — mastodon has no։ — diaspora has real time chat — mastodon has no։ — diaspora can strip geolocation information from images. — diaspora can crosspost to twitter, facebook, tumblr, wordpress. mastodon cannot. — diaspora has post preview. — recent feature - diaspora provides embedded players for media links.

— it is possible to follow/subscribe to the tag in diaspora. in mastodon as i understand, you can pin the tag and see it always in one of the columns of desktop web view.

— mastodon streams are autoupdating. as i understand they use push, and it’s very fast. also i like it because you see life is happening. diaspora page has to be reloaded manually, it only shows notification count. — diaspora has no API, mastodon has. — that’s why there are several useful applications for mastodon, but no one for diaspora. — mastodon allows to customize your page a bit more, and to choose that long header image. — mastodon has user data import/export, therefore migration, but that’s coming to diaspora. — mastodon provides a feature to silence not only a person, but node or tag. — mastodon provides separate stream for all public posts on a node, and that i find useful. — it’s much easier to set up local community rules from the admin interface. — admin interface has much more features.


in diaspora, in my opinion, people not from our node usually tend to not write, but share links or images. also, they are mostly from europe, and leftist. let’s take in to consideration, that american lefts are right compared to european lefts.

in mastodon people from not our node usually come from twitter background, therefore the text is more common there. even if it’s realtime shitposting, i love that. also, they seem different to me, not necessarily mostly left. there seem to be more people, and more technical as well. it looks like there are more life than in diaspora.

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many things we learn are about culture. the culture is not less important than the actual ‘knowledge’. let’s say you write a program. you may write it in hundreds of ways, but when you have a culture of unix programming, you may prefer to make it usable with pipeline. that’s not about programming, purely, that’s about the culture. or may be you have the culture to write a markdown, or you know the wiki syntax. that’s about the culture, and having the culture is as important as other skills.

and i am very much frustrated, that when somebody around has culture, it’s not close to the culture i have adopted. well i have chosen my culture, so i have chosen to not be understood. but it’s not on purpose. it’s just the way it is.

i sometimes notice that i differ. when i communicate. during the barcamp meeting someone sent me an attachment, and i’ve received it, saved with alpine, and a girl sitting next to me said something like ‘i swear by my mother’s name!’ and i realized she experienced some cultural shock, and then i noticed that i am different.

however, it’s not a pleasurable feeling, to be different always. i would prefer not to. i would prefer many people with similar culture around, so that i would feel better understood, and i would have more fun socializing. something like that. aha. #culture

բնօրինակ սփիւռքում(եւ մեկնաբանութիւննե՞ր)

one of the most important messages for me from Simak’s “City” is that number of speakers matters, size of the community matters. Not that I did not know or acknowledge that, but the book made me sober again about it.

Humanity cannot develop if there’s only one city of us.

Social network cannot develop if there’s not enough people. Diaspora pretty much stuck, because many say ‘it’s lonely here’, life happens at other places, like twitter.

Culture, and national culture cannot develop if there’s not enough people.

(I believe very good example of it are animes and Hayao Miyazaki, or Satoshi Kon. If there would be no possibility to be an animator in Japan, and Hayao would work as an animator in let’s say USA, nobody would allow him to make the films he would like to and as he would like to. There’s a different culture of making films. And there was a necessity in big enough Japanese, local market, to cover anime production costs, in order to make possible sustainable creation of them. And after they have been made, they can be exported to the other countries as is. And people in other countries would appreciate the difference of making.)

Operating system, and even flavour of it (like Sailfish) needs a number of users and developers. (Which it did not get, just like diaspora.)

And of course programming language needs a number of speakers to create an ecosystem around it.

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բնօրինակ սփիւռքում(եւ մեկնաբանութիւննե՞ր)