what was annoying in android - before i switched to sailfish, it was that when i was pressing the power button to make the screen blank, then, if i wanted to open the screen and do something, i had to enter the password.

well, yes, my password is not short, and i don’t use the fingerprint authorization on purpose.

so i was waiting the android screen to go blank, to put the phone in to the pocket and avoid random presses. in winter, it was not fun. just waiting 30 seconds or something many times a day.

on the contrary, in sailfish when you press that button, the screen goes blank, but the phone doesn’t lock. in order to lock it, you have to press the lock button on screen. and even then, if you unlock it a shortly after, it won’t ask you for a password.

#android #sailfish #ux #usability #interface #lipstick #sailfishos #freedom

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