Armenian langauge support for ORIC and PRAVETZ-8D computers.

Created apprx. in 1989 by Norayr Chilingaryan aka noch.

Download tap file (basic source).

Download ORIC and PRAVETZ-8D emulator (euthoric)

oric armenian language support

Download this ^ Demo text ;)

Screenshots of basic sources (armenian.tap) :

armenian oric sources

source basic

pravetz source


source nsl

Sources looks like this before Your run program, and load armenian fonts:

To run and worl/test armenian language support for ORIC & PRAVETZ-8D just unpack emulator to any directory, and copy armenian.tap in the ORIC emulator directory.

Then just load the program by typing :

cload "armenian.tap"

Note, that for the commas ( " ) You must press SHIFT+"2" when You work with ORIC ;)

Use CTRL+T for CAPS ;)

That's all.

Good Luck!