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flashing openmoko gta-02 with leo2moko firmware

There was an announcement in openmoko community mailing list, called First small steps towards free GSM firmware.

I am very pleased to announce that after many years of searching, I have finally found a copy of TI’s firmware deliverable package for their Leonardo development board, i.e., for their Calypso/Iota/Rita chipset reference platform. It is the package which TI must have given to all of their chipset customers including Nokia, Motorola, Compal, FIC/Openmoko, LG, BenQ and many others, and which was used by all of these companies as the starting point for making their unique proprietary firmwares.

The news are, we don’t only have a firmware source, which can be flashed(though it may be illegal in some countries) but we have also completely free and legal loader tools for flashing that firmware. Before, openmoko users had to use proprietary TI tool for that.

So, I decided to try, and here are my notes on how to build and install leo2moko firmware.

Instead of dealing with crosscompilers, I prefer to build the firmware and loader tools right on device. I use SHR distribution on my GTA-02 Openmoko Neo Freerunner.

==install compiler and dev tools on openmoko==

opkg install gcc
opkg install gcc-symlinks
opkg install libc6-dev
opkg install binutils
opkg install make 
opkg install coreutils

It is good to sync time before building:

/etc/init.d/fsotdld restart

or in newer distributions

systemctl restart fsotdld.service

download the flasher source:

wget ftp://ftp.ifctf.org/pub/GSM/FreeCalypso/loadtools-r1.tar.bz2


mkdir loadtools
cd loadtools

tar jxvf ../loadtools-r1.tar.bz2

edit makefile, as suggested in readme, set CFLAGS to

CFLAGS= -O2 -march=armv4t -mtune=arm920t -DGTA0x_AP_BUILD



then make it

make install

these three binaries are now installed in /usr/local/bin

fc-iram fc-loadtool fc-xram

==build firmware==
skip this step if you want to flash already precompiled firmware

unfortunately it’s impossible to build the firmware with free compiler yet, so we need to use windows only tools from TI. Fortunately, tools are possible to run with wine under GNU/Linux box. The environment heavily relies on traditional Unix tools, ported to windows. It would be much easier to deal just with those tools natively.

So, get these files:

ftp://ftp.ifctf.org/pub/GSM/FreeCalypso/leo2moko-r1.tar.xz – the source
ftp://ftp.ifctf.org/pub/GSM/TI_src/wine/installed-env.tar.xz – build tools
wget ftp://ftp.ifctf.org/pub/GSM/TI_src/wine/nowhine.c

gcc -o nowhine nowhine.c
cp nowhine /usr/local/bin

nowhine is a simple utility which strips unnecessary whining messages from whine. you can use it as wine wrapper.

There is a build script, you will find when unpack tarballs. It will run build process and compile the firmware.

==already precompiled firmware==
wget ftp://ftp.ifctf.org/pub/GSM/FreeCalypso/leo2moko-r1-bin.tar.bz2 — already built firmware.


need to kill some daemons running in the openmoko, before flashing:

killall fsodeviced
killall fsoaudiod
killall fsousaged
killall fsodatad
killall fsonetworkd
killall fsogsmd
killall phonefsod
killall phoneuid
killall frameworkd
s3c24xx-gpio b7=0

fc-loadtool -h gta02 /dev/ttySAC0

You should see a bunch of messages followed by a loadtool> prompt.

when you reach that prompt, enter this command:

flash dump2bin my-flashdump.bin

This is a backup of your current calibration data. It may be necessary if something will go wrong with the flash. Transfer it to pc, back it up.

flash erase 0 0x300000
flash program-m0 gsm-fw.m0



This is also very interesting project, on how to read and write gsm device filesystem.

openmoko firmware screenshot

story about slavery

comment from here by marc :

Media is “the old prophet of doom”. Now we have even more aggressive and dangerous ones – usually all of the closed-source, non-free, non-collaborative internet media, social networking sites and news sites. Boycott the hell out of them and they’ll die natural death.

Once it was all about “the tubes”, now it’s about the TRADE. They feed you with their crap, and you’re paying them with your data, your life and your time. However, can we even call it a TRADE, when it’s not even realized by one of the sides of this harmful “transaction”?

Don’t let them fool you.

other comments good too (:

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story about prokhanov’s interview


Russian version of the “Yerevan” magazine, first issue of 2013 year, published interview with the Russian writer Prokhanov about the Eurasian Union.
He states, that he cannot imagine Russia other than an empire and does not conceal that he considers the Eurasian Union as a new implementation of this empire. This guy’s cynicism is is pinning.
I am quoting:

Eurasian area with it’s ethnicities is a colossal resource. The area by itself is already a resource. And combining these squares into one creates colossal wealth.

Undoubtedly, area is resource. If it weren’t resource, Azerbaijan would give up Artsakh long time ago. Also, when US spreads democracy the question rises – for whom? And the same question rises now – wealth for whom? The answer follows.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia lost uranium mines of Kazakhstan, cotton of the Uzbekistan… It is obvious that there is a huge economical potential in this project.

Okay, Russia wants free uranium, and other resources. Then – wealth is for Russia.
Upon the whole Prokhanov observes both USSR and Eurasian Union as different forms of Russian Empire.

Russian history – is the history of empires, and Russian tragedies always connected with their disappearance. At least, four great empires (including the last one, Red empire) were demolished, and as a result Russia suffered colossal losses.

Wow, so sincere.
Then, may be empires shell not live by definition? May be they have to die naturally with time?
Isn’t it enough to make the same mistakes, Messrs Russian imperialists?
May you understand that it won’t bring the future closer?

Let’s continue. Prokhanov observes Eurasian Union as it is in reality, not as it is described in advertisements. People get deceived by the “customs union” expression. Though the real Eurasian Union is the new reincarnation of Russian Empire, not the customs union of independent states. This customs union could be created on the basis of Union of Independent States. However Eurasian Union is one whole state.

We already have conceived union state between Russia and Belarus, it has difficulties, but the gene is found.

Meanwhile Prokhanov expresses what kind of state it will be.

The civilization product – it’s not only technologies of the future, it’s also ideas of the future. And these ideas, ideologies already today are the most precious possessions – in Eurasian areas may become an alternative to the dying models, such as western liberal model.

Obviosly, my comment is that those are not ideas of the future, but of the past. New ideas are spoken in the Occupy movement, for example, but definitely not in Russia.
And despite the fact that the answer to the next question – doesn’t it mean, that this is a reestablishment of the USSR, he answers – no, USSR cannot be recovered, he also means that this is just another way to create a new Russian Empire, Russian Empire reloaded, the new one, not the old.
And I agree, Soviet Union at least was Soviet to some extent, and they were trying to support some provinces, meanwhile working on the assimilation of the native population, and changing demographic composition (simply – by settling Russians, the main and base ethnicity of the empire in republics). So the new union won’t even support republics, it will have the same cruel capitalistic model, and the goal is to soak up resources from those republics. We see widespread pillages in Russia, but it’s not enough for them, they need more, cause they are fat and hungry.

And we just “elected” our new president. President, who got this title after not really clear events. President, who thanked Russian leaders for support after those not really clear events. President, who presents the regime, which copy-pastes Russian Federation movements, president who recently signed a paper related to that Eurasian Union, and what now? We have to wait with gladness until he makes another sign, by which Republic of Armenia will formally acknowledge it’s failure, then will be painted out with red or pink color on the map becoming a part of the stupid big state.
photo from here
Why Russian language Yerevan magazine prints this interview remains an open question for me. Then, may be it’s not surprising that in the previous issue there were photos of the prime minister with combine, then president at the exhibition, and so on.

Congratulations, gentlemen. Congratulations. Everything is excellent, let’s enjoy festal fireworks.

und so weiter