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  1. Jane

    Dear Norayr,

    I just came across to your latest blog about expo in Yerevan, and I would say that I am not surprised.
    First of all, I would like to grab your attention on grammatical mistakes you constantly make, while writing in English. I do understand that it is not your first language, but the question is, why even write in a foreign language then? The word “complacent” is an adjective, and I suppose you meant to use a noun in your sentence. Prepositions are hardly ever used correctly, so I am not going to go through all of them. Punctuation is used incorrectly as well. I would remind you, you are writing in English, not in Armenian. Tenses are so mixed up that I was forced to read some sentences couple of times.
    Secondly, let me say that I got really disappointed in your level of jealousy and immaturity. I do understand that this is your personal blog, and you can write whatever you wish, but please be careful with the information you share. You can write whatever the hell you think, but please pay attention on something you judge, before judging. “I have seen him there, and it wasn’t from Ayb school. tut-tut!”- If you have taken this picture from the front, or at least paid attention on the information below that is written for people to read, I am sure you would have been more careful. The names of the creators are clearly seen, its just your level of self confidence that is higher that should be.
    Overall, I am very disappointed of what I’ve read this morning. I am one of the graduates of “Ayb” high school, and I cannot tolerate this kind of cheap and baseless opinion that you share with the rest of the world. But, I guess, considering on what you have written, your nickname suits you very well.
    I wish you all the best, and would kindly ask you to be careful next time you write your “opinion”.

    1. Anon

      Wow, Jane, so much vitriol for a blog post just because while it happened to appreciate the work and contribution of your ex-high school, it didn’t put it on a pedestal? You can’t be serious. If you are an example of what your high school produces, feeling ok to call people names because of, I don’t know, their second/third language grammar proficiency, or not bowing before the greatness that your high school was, then I guess I was of a much higher oprinion about your school before reading your post.

      On the other hand, I deeply appreciate the fact that this blog exists, and the author’s work. I have not seen this expo covered in the media so thoroughly, and this blog happens to give me insight into the technology that is available in Armenia so much more than most of news media.


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