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story about educational expo in Yerevan

I was able to attend educational expo yesterday. It was my first time I went to Mergelian institute. Eventually, I saw a Kochar’s sculpture. I think they could find a better place for her.
There was an escalator in the building, but only one, for moving up. For other direction there was staircase.

Many pavilions, mostly boring. Upon entering, there was immediately noticeable crowd near Instigate’s pavilion. They were sharing one with Armtab. Armtab took very small space, so the most space was taken by Instigate.

Everything was presented by children. Very enthusiastic, inspired kids. They were telling about their projects. I fired up n900′s FCamera.

Cutter, Linux CNC:
Ինսթիգեյթ, linux cnc

3d printer Bzez A. As far as I get, it’s a RepRap fork:

ռեփռափ, եռաչափ տպիչ, Բզեզ Ա

արաքս ու բզեզ ա

Aghves, the Scratch fork. First went to flash, but Aghves stays with native.

աղուէս, կրիայ

Alas, n900′s battery drained soon, and I have borrowed friend’s galaxy. As you can make sure, quality of photos is not good anymore.

աղուէս, կրիայ

աղուէս, կրիայ

«Berdzor A» and «Aygestan 1» computers՝

«Բերձոր Ա» եւ «Այգեստան 1» կարգիչները

They were designed for Armenian Kashatagh district Berdzor city kids, and Askeran district Aygestan city kids:

Բերձոր Ա տեխնիկական տուեալներ

made in Armenia



Գուգարք Ա

Kids were telling that they want to suggest Gugark to Ucom, instead of some other hardware they use. They were very inspired when telling about their projects and future improvements

Գուգարք Գ

As you can notice, white balance of galaxy is wrong. This is jpeg, it’s hard to get something from it, excuse me.

On this monitor there were videos shot from copters. In Armenia.


and the copter itself:


Alas, there were no Artin & Varoujan pavilion. They have cool boards of local production.
When I was shooting Armtab prototype, they turned it on, so I can see the screen. That was Vostan Desktop Environment.

Արմթաբ, Ոստան

Այ կրակ, այ փետ, այ կնիկ, այ աստուած, այ հեռախօս, ո՞վ է ստեղծել՝


Very fast about the rest. PhisMath school had a very cool small robot, made by kids. I mean, indeed made by kids. They were talking with each other about their mistakes in PWM programming.

On the contrary, to the Ayb school kids, who never can explain what they have “done”. Instead of that they have very high level of complacent. Yep, it’s Ayb. They had a best pavilion, designed by Storaket. That was a wise decision, to order it from Storaket, they were outstanding mostly because of that. Though, as you may have noticed, I am not a fun of that school.

այբի տաղաւարը, ստորակետի դիզայնը

There was another crowd near the pavilion, when they were showing chemistry experiment. That was good, so that people don’t think that there is only IT nowadays. By the way, their IT was also present – some ugly robots, who can invade the world, if wake up. (: And those robots, I suppose weren’t made by kids.


At least this one participated Armrobotics competition, I have seen him there, and it wasn’t from Ayb school. tut-tut!


There were also robots at Quant’s pavilion. But I didn’t want to shoot them, just Lego Mindstorms. I cannot percept Lego as robotics, it’s like spherical robotics in space, not the real one, without many different problems designer can have in real life. And they had this:



About the rest – many Russian universities advertisements. One – French, Two – German. Near the building girls were giving out advertisements, proudly saying “Russian education”, like that’s a good thing to have. I have returned those papers, and made a mistake. I had to get some more, and put to trash, so less people get it.

This is vulgar girl presenting Rossotrudnichestvo. When I started shooting her, she hastily concealed flowers from the table.



Police. When they noticed that I am shooting, the guy put down the balloon.


Art academy pavilion was free. May be that’s a conceptual peace of art:
գեղարուեստի ակադեմիա


Guys presenting AUA gave me a card. There were “Facebook” with large friendly letters, like it’s a Facebook card. It turned out – like us on FB. Okay, and what if I don’t have FB account? Then probably I am not modern. (:

When we were wenting ount, there were a grandfather with granddaughter.
- You will see, dear, what some pupils have done in their schools, what kind of interesting projects…